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Ray Ash: Highly Qualified to Stand for You!

Ray Ash is the right kind of leader for North Texas. He's not East Coast or West Coast, but Deep in the Heart of Texas. He knows our issues and will work hard to improve lives in the pragmatic, responsible Texas tradition. The list of Ray's qualifications is impressive:

 ☑︎ Veteran
☑︎ Tax Attorney
☑︎ CPA (Ret.)
☑︎ Former Prosecutor
☑︎ Small Business Owner
☑︎ Devoted Family Man
☑︎ Dedicated Public Servant

Ray Ash is a native Texan who cares deeply about the future of our great state. Ray is running for Texas State Representative to make sure that all Texans, regardless of ethnic background or socio-economic class, have access to a level playing field. That's what makes America and Texas great!

Ray was born in Crockett, Texas, and spent his childhood traveling the world with his military family. Ray attended high school in Germany then followed family tradition by enlisting in the US Army where he served his country honorably during the Vietnam conflict as a military ordnance specialist.

After military service to his country, Ray worked for the US Postal Service and the Division of Taxation while earning his accounting degree in the evenings. He then earned his law degree,  graduating Cum Laude in 1986 from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston. 

A devoted family man, Ray married a Louisiana lady, Marian Jean, in Houston. In 1999, Ray, Marian and three children -- Jennie, Miriam and Raymond IV -- moved to Murphy, Texas. Ray established his own successful small business where he practices as a tax attorney specializing in tax resolution, representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service and US Tax Court.

Ray has always had a strong sense of community purpose and service. One of Ray's early successes was coaching Little League baseball. But if you know Ray, you know Ray didn't just coach. Ray saw a need then worked hard to turn a solution into reality - just like he will do in Austin! Ray single-handedly founded a Teenage Baseball League for teens as risk. He recruited sponsors and managers, secured facilities and served as league vice president for five years . "I know that I kept hundreds of boys off the street and out of jail through my efforts, and this makes me very proud."

Ray has been active with HD-89 issues and elections for the past 15 years. Ray served as a member of the Murphy Commission that wrote the city's original charter in 2004. Ray was a Texas State Delegate for President Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election, and a National Delegate for the 2012 Presidential election, again for President Barack Obama . He has worked tirelessly to promote free and fair elections and access to the ballot box through "Get Out The Vote" campaigns and "Souls to the Polls" initiatives.

Ray knows his community, he knows what his local constituents' needs are, and knows the law and responsible public finance. As your representative, he will listen to his constituents and work hard for his local community's priorities in Austin.

☑︎ Ray Ash Stands For You!

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